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Access numbers

Access numbers are the phone numbers you need to dial to access ekit's phone service.

Calling from a Hotel
Check with the operator of the Hotel on how to make a toll-free call from your room.
Callback Access numbers may not work from some hotels. Refer to our Calling tips.
Calling from a Payphone
Payphone access varies from country to country. Refer to our Calling tips.
Calling from a Mobile
Additional fees may be charged by your mobile provider for accessing ekit. Contact your mobile provider for more information.
Costa Rica access number - Please note that many Costa Rica hotels block Toll free numbers. We recommend use of this number for home phones and payphones only. Alternatively, we recommend purchasing or renting a cell phone for your trip to Costa Rica. Click the "Phones" or "Phone rental" link at the top of this page.

Some calls from other countries do not carry Caller ID. Caller ID Blocking services offered by local telecommunications companies will block these calls. Please ensure that family and friends you wish to call while you are away have temporarily disabled all Caller ID Blocking Features (such as Anonymous Call Rejection and Call Intercept services).

Economy access numbers are not toll-free. Although you are charged a local call charge for using economy numbers, they offer cheaper per-minute rates than the toll-free access numbers.

Some countries have more than one access number for use in busy periods. If you cannot access ekit using the first number, use the second. The second number usually costs slightly more to use.

Calling Tip. Toll-Free numbers you may currently be using to contact your Bank or other service providers may not work when dialed from overseas. Before you travel contact these service providers to obtain a number you will be able to contact them on while overseas. For more calling tips click here.


Country Access number Alternate number
Australia 1800-209-649 1800-150-812  
Australia (Brisbane Economy) 07-3102-8880 *  
Australia (Melbourne Economy) 03-9010-0225 *  
Australia (Perth Economy) 08-9467-8880 *  
Australia (Sydney Economy) 02-8208-3000 *  
Canada 1866-626-9724 1800-808-5773  
France 0805-118-317  
New Zealand 0800-445-108  
New Zealand (Auckland Economy) 09-887-6966 *  
Spain 0900-670-007 »  
United Arab Emirates 1800-0357-02878  
United Kingdom 0800-376-2366  
United Kingdom (London Economy) 0207-943-2772 *  
United States (48 States) 1800-706-1333  
United States (48 States) - Deutsch 1888-571-6080  
United States (Alaska) 1800-318-7039  
United States (Hawaii) 1800-527-6786  
United States (Los Angeles Economy) 1-213-337-5555 *  

* Economy access numbers offer cheaper per minute rates than toll-free access numbers in specific cities and regions, although you are charged the cost of a local call.
§ Unavailable from mobile phones in some cases.
» Unavailable from payphones in some cases.
¶ Higher charges may be incurred from mobiles and payphones.
¢ After dialing the first part of the Access Number you will hear a dial tone. When you hear the tone enter 5072, then follow the prompts.
∞ The Hotel or the local telecommunications carrier will charge to connect the call. The charge may equal the cost of a one minute call to the United Kingdom.
Please refer to Rates, Making Calls and Calling Tips before using.